Andrew is an awesome young man who happens to have autism and cerebral palsy. He started his own company because 90% of people with Autism and other special needs, cannot find employment or an outlet to utilize their talents. It is so important for a human being to be able to find their purpose in this world.

Andrew spends a great deal of his spare time photographing the world he sees. His grandfather noticed this hobby and was inspired. Pop, as Andrew calls him, wanted to help Andrew find purpose in his passion for photography. Through this endeavor, Andrew and Pop hope to open doors for other photographers with special needs, as well. We envision a platform where photos can be submitted, by the artist, and placed on sale for people to enjoy.

The families of people with special needs only want their sons, daughters, grandchildren, etc. to feel less isolated by the world and more able to share their gifts and feel valued. Thank you for visiting Andrew's Photo Creations. We hope you will find enjoyment through Andrew's eyes!